Welcome to my photography site

If you have found this site, you likely have purchased our book, 100 Pictures, 1000 Words, A Crystal Coast Year.

Our book promises that you will be able to purchase our prints for a nominal fee, and I am working on that.

I have 88 of the 100 images uploaded in a first gallery.

We have tested the connection between the site and PayPal. Everything works correctly.

For an individual who wants an image for their own non-commercial use, the price is 99 cents per image.

If you are a print shop and want to use one of the images in a single print, the charge is $9.99.  I will trust you, but I will watch for duplicates.

If you are a commercial book publisher and want to use one of my prints, the charge is $25.00 as long as I receive a credit line.

If you are an academic and want to use one of my prints in a book, the charge is $9.99 again as long as I receive a credit line.

You should be able to pick any of the images in our book and check out with PayPal.  Then I will then email the chosen images to you.

Some of the images are over two megs in size so if your email will not accept large files, I can place the images on a temporary download site or make arrangements to mail you a CD for an extra charge.

I should have the final few images posted before the end of January

I have posted a slide show of a few sample images in addition to the gallery of available images.

I do hope everyone will respect the many hours that I have put into my creative work and treat it according to the terms that I have listed above.

Sincerely yours,

David Sobotta



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